Saturday, August 30, 2008

it's been forever and a day

wow.....this is 'cherry' (wow, haven't called myself that in a while), and Sareal (weirdest name ever), and we finally have come back after all this time....weirdness......

too bad 'duckie' isn't here. We are now, SOPHMORES!!!!! Can you believe that? And like they (Sareal and Duckie) were talking about, we still, unfortunetly do not have boyfriends...what's up with that?

anyways, so it's been boring and the same, and pretty much nothing has happened since 2006, which is really sad if you think about it......

catch you in two more years....

'Cherry', aka Allison

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Guess WHat, Grumpy Friendeees?!?!

I figured out how the members that we have for our INDIVIDUAL blogs can join and post on this one. pretty rockin, huh?!?!?!

you need to calm down, you two. at least you arn't dying; at least you HAVE friends. LIFE IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whouldn't you rather just be friends instead of fighting?

I mean, what's worse? Having a spat with your friends, or not having anything to eat and no one to love? THINK about it.

I love you guys.

sincerely, princess duckiie.




Saturday, December 09, 2006


Cherry: I am So sorry if I affenfed anyone, by the way, gosh. I was just, angrey, sorry times a million. Hopefuly you guys are still my friends, .


Friday, December 08, 2006


Cherry: Who said that? Who wrote it? Because I would like to Fri**ing know NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who ever did, you need to tell me, oviously we have issues!

If it was Sareal, then I WASN'T TALKING ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEYENNE WAS THE FRI**ING ONE WHO PRACTICLY DID SAY IT!!! NOT YOU! SO, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh My Goshness

How can you say that I do not have faith in you?

Aren't I the one who always tries to Make you feel better when Cheyenne has another one of her I love Jenna stages?

This just shows how much you guys appreciate me!!!!!!!!!!

And if you are just going to go back to Jenna then stop saying that you don't need her crap, because sometimes I don't neeed your crap!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Me the only one!!!

Cherry: I am SOOOOOO sad 'cause I am alooooooooooooooooooone. Plus my 2 BFs think I am off in puffy wonder world with JENNA and they DON'T believe in me! Why???

I am SICK of talking to my self! Grrrrrr!!!!

I am sick of nobody believeing in me! AND!!!!!!! well, I am just tired.


I'm Sad cause Cherry's not here

Sareeeeal: *cry* Cherry is in P.E.
Duckiie: *cry* I knooooowwww..... *sob* and she lubbs....... ***** more than *sob* usssssss!!!
Sareeeeal: She is not the one that said that and she has not been on since November somthin'..... I hate Mr. Stupid because he keeps making fun of the fact that i got 2 ******* red checks during english...... GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duckiie: I know, calm down.... *poor thing*. Anyway........ how come she makes me mad just by fri**ing LOOKING at herrr?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? I can't take it anymooooore!
Sareeeeal: **nna?
Duckiie: Drr!
Sareeeeal: Well just get over it.
Duckiie: I WILL when YOu get over the RED / \/
Sareeeeal: But that is a constant thing... every time i turn in a lab he FRE**ING Gives me a FRE**ING red FRE**ING check like that makes me so FRE**ING MAD *GRRRRRRRR*!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways on a happier note we got an A+ on our lab *HURRRRRAY*!!!!
Duckiie: This reminds me of like...... passing notes like, you know? In like a way? Like, do you get it, Sareeeeal?!?!? :D Like, I mean, you know. Like.
Sareeeeal: OK OK if you stop with the *likes* i will like stop with like the likeFRE**INGS see now you have me saying like every other word *AHHHHHH*
Duckiie: I wonder if in some strange part of the world there is a country that hangs people for saying "like" more than 5 times in 1 sentence. That should totallsy be a law. Ya know what I'm saying, sis?!?!?!
Sareeeeal: You know if there were a law like that i know someone in this room who would not be here right now.
Duckiie: She probobly would've died when she was like, 2. That was probobly her first fri**ing word.
Sareeeal: I would not be surprised.
Duckiie: Can I ask you something kind of...................... private \ /
Sareeeeal: Sure what is it? Well i guess it will depend on the question.
Duckiie: The arrow gives the topic, if you KNOW WHAT I MEAN..... s:
Sareeeeal: Ummmmm.... well that is kind of somthin' i would not want to say on the internet... but what are you talkin' bout?
Duckiie: Here is the question: *whispers* Will you use a tampon or pad?!?!?!
Sareeeeal: I don't know i have not started yet....*AHHHHHH* now look what you have me sayin on here.... what about you?
Duckiie: IDK... I'm kinda afraidy to use a ........ ya know.
Sareeeeal: yah i know..... can we change the subject please?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Duckiie: Yes, I agree. How about............ boys? :D
Sareeeeal: I am like in love with a guy that is totally out of my range... if only i were 2 years older... then of course i would not be your guyses friend!!!!*CRY* WHat about you?
Duckiie: I THINK I like...... this one guy. I think you know who he is..... but ahm...... I don't reeeeeeealy know??????!!!!!!!!! So.... but I mean like... my tumbly flutters around him, and I act all stupido around him. Does that mean anything? :S
Sareeeeal: UHHHHHHH... yah... who is it?... is it Franklin?
Duckiie: NO!!!!!!!!!!!! NON ON ON ONOMON ONONONO!!!!!! NO! grossy......... gros gross.... *shudder* EW! But no. it's not.
Sareeeeal: WOW... i guess it is not franklin... then who is it......... ohhh!!!!!! I think i know!!!!!
Duckiie: Here is part of the letters: _e_t_
Sareeeeal: I knew it!!!!!!! he is ok but i dn't think i would ever want to go out with him or anything... of course i am not allowed to date until i am 16 anyways!!!
Duckiie: I'm not allowed to date uuntil the middle of my Freshman year... so, that kinda sucks, besides, boys our age are mostly tards.
(Cherry after reading a LONNNNNNNNNG TIME after: I probebly won't be able to until I am 50, so do NOT complain, you BOTH know what I mean!!!! )
Sareeeeal: I know and plus why date if you are so far away from adulthood? anyways? there is really no reason until you are 16 anyways.
Duckiie: Mr. Stephens is....... weird. I can't stand him anymore. Gosh *Napolean Dynamite voice*!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
Sareeeeal: Do you think that blank is cute?
Duckiie: Sort of... drr.... but he's hecka funny!!!!!!!! He makes me laugh like.... all day. Jenna is *upset* now. Great. I don't NEED her CRAP.


Sareal: Hello fellow Americans!!!!

Duckiie: I'm an Amewwicann too!!! :D :D Hey, guess whatttttt?!?!? I'm angry at SOME buddy. But I'm ok cause I lubbb you guysies. :D :D /\/\/\ <- My tiara!!!

Cherrrrrrry: Ummm... How am I the smart one, but then I have nothing to say? Sheesh.

Sareeeeal: Ummmmm...... Why do you think you are the smart one? I think we all have different charactoristics that all together make one whole person!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Duckiie: Gawd, now I am suuuper mad, and nobody cares sept you guys, which is why I still luuuuuub you! But... I'm sadiddy saddy.

Cherrrrry: Sareeeeeal, in anwser to your "question", everyone, exept you guys, says it, so I will say it too. LOL.